5 Key Themes of Good Google Reviews

Fitness Australia Awards Recap

At the recent Fitness Australia Awards Night, Paralympic and Grand-Slam Wheelchair Tennis Champion Dylan Alcott gave an inspiring speech about the life-changing impact fitness can have on all Australians.

During this speech Dylan spoke about the importance of inclusivity in the fitness sector. Not surprisingly, this theme of inclusivity surfaced as one of the 5 key themes to a good Google review during research conducted by 10 THOUSAND FEET and CustomerConvert for the Fitness Australia awards.

These themes, unearthed by the 10 THOUSAND FEET and CustomerConvert team after trawling through over 50,000 fitness industry Google reviews also included Customer Service, Personal Trainers, Facilities/Equipment and General Love for their local gym. Below is a dissection of each of these themes in a little more detail!

Please Note: these themes do not appear in their order of importance, if you would like to know more about the hierarchy of the themes and how to implement this knowledge in your business you can book a meeting with 10 THOUSAND FEET the research house behind CustomerConvert.

General Love of Gym

Having a general Love for their gym was one of the 5 key themes unearthed by the research. This included reviews such as “Best gym everrrrrrr!!!” Although on the surface this seems like a simple review, it points to a gym that is hitting on each of the themes laid out below and has built a strong and proud connection with its members. After all, people need to be inspired to leave a good review.

Customer Service

Next up is the obvious theme (maybe not), of Customer Service. In any industry Customer Service is crucial to a business’s success and this is no different in the Fitness sector. Google reviews of people loving their customer service included “Great place and friendly staff. Extremely helpful and genuinely hospitable in customer service.” As you can see, through providing this customer with an exceptional customer service experience, they turned them into a promoter of their business. One whom felt empowered to share this experience with the rest of the world. A profitable trade-off!

Personal Trainers

Similar to the theme of customer service is that of having good Personal Trainers. Good experiences with Personal Trainers can led to good customer reviews and free promotion of your Business! An example of this is shown here “The trainers are extremely dedicated in what they do and continually encourage and motivate you at each session.” This review is promoting the skills and dedication of these Personal Trainers to potential new customers and could be the deciding factor that gets them over the line and through your doors! All created through providing Customers with a great training experience!


Aside from personal skills in the fitness industry it is also crucial to provide a good quality product. That is why the next theme centres around Gym Equipment and Facilities. “Great gym with the best machines around…Good café and shakes too.” This review highlights that in order to give your business the best chance of being promoted you need to provide customers with quality across the board, not just with service. The Facilities and equipment you provide as well as those little extras offers a simple way for you to get positive Google reviews for your business!


Lastly, but definitely not least is the theme mentioned by Dylan Alcott during his speech. Inclusivity/Gym Culture is the fifth theme unearthed through the research by 10 THOUSAND FEET. As Dylan said So many people get left out of that [exercise and sports] bubble, because they think some people might not be able to do it, whatever their difference is…everyone deserves the opportunity.” And the research backs this up! If you create a space which is inclusive of everyone and promotes a caring culture, not only will you be helping your customers feel more at home within your facility, you will also be opening your business up to more opportunities for positive reviews. As shown here; “The community is incredible…I fell very at home training here.” Now that’s a Win Win!

What Now?

The 5 key themes discovered by the research of 10 THOUSAND FEET and CustomerConvert covered a wide range of topics. Therefore, in order to give your business the best chance of converting potential new clients, you need to be providing your current customers with the full experience. Not only great service and trainers but also great facilities, equipment, and culture! If you would like to learn how to get more of these types of reviews flowing into your Google My Business pages book a demo with us today!