XTEND Barre Case Study

XTEND - 10 THOUSAND FEET Member Love Winner 2021

XTEND Barre, the winner of the 10 THOUSAND FEET Member Love Award, had a Google star rating of 4.9*.

XTEND Barre recently won the 10 THOUSAND FEET Member Love Award for 2021. This award is not voted on by a panel but rather, it harnesses Google reviews data and combines member engagement, consistency of in-studio experience and review responsiveness to crown the overall winner. A true members choice award!

XTEND Barre took out the award, which was presented at the Fitness Australia Awards, with an average Google Star rating of 4.9, number 1 out of all 31 entrants, along with a top 3 result in responsiveness and consistency of in-studio experience.

Not only has XTEND Barre been smashing it out of the park with their approach to Google Reviews, they have also been kicking huge financial goals, with their studios seeing an average monthly revenue increase of 68% (according to XTEND Barre published accounts)!

Because of this, we want to pass on XTEND Barre’s secrets of success to you, so you can start boosting you Google-star rating and building revenue!

Secrets of XTEND Barre's Success

The success of XTEND Barre starts with their dedication to developing a passionate community within their studios. With deep long-lasting connections formed not only between members but also with their experienced team of instructors. Regular events hosted for the member community including; Barre and Bubbles, Barre Bingo and member award nights go a long way to building the community for XTEND Barre.

Not only are XTEND Barre committed to building communities within their walls, they are also passionate about building and supporting communities outside their studios. Supporting many local and national causes including, most recently, raising funds for Dementia Australia as well as annual fundraisers for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As well as focusing on community building XTEND Barre also loves and rewards customer Loyalty. Awards and gifts are given to members once they pass certain milestones and they can track the number of classes participated in through the booking app. Loyal customers even get their names featured on the studio VIX milestone awards. Some members have attended over 2000 classes. Building this kind of loyalty is bound to leave you with happy customers and growing revenue.

Moreover, XTEND Barre holds member engagement as a top priority in their business plan  and are constantly looking to innovate and deliver initiatives that reinforce community love and loyalty. Most recently, introducing an @Home virtual timetable enabling members to participate in online classes at almost any time of day, with familiar faces from all across the country. This commitment to community engagement, ensuring the continued success of XTEND Barre as the brand adapts to the ever-changing world of online and in-person member engagement.

Ali Hoile - General Manager - XTEND Barre Australia

“For many members their studio has become their sanctuary and we see the bonds that are created not only with the regular instructors but between members. Our studios look to create their own community building a connection with each and every member, understanding their personal goals and objectives.”

As you can see it takes a fully committed approach to community and member engagement to win the 10 THOUSAND FEET Member Love award and its importance should not be underestimated. XTEND Barre’s booming success serving as a timely reminder that focusing on community engagement and loyalty are as crucial as ever, leaving you with happy customers and a growing business.

To learn more about XTEND Barre go to https://www.xtendbarre.com.au/

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